What if everything is nanobots? (2013) — a short story

“Assume that at some point in the future, the creation and development of nanobots is achieved... Assume that these nanobots develop an advanced self-awareness, and begin operating as intelligent swarms....”

Snailgaze (2014) — a short story

“Staring into the half-empty cup, I saw my reflection blink...”

Elevator (2015) — a short story

“Steadily, we traverse the stratosphere...”

Icicle Garden (2015) — a short story

“In a place where water freezes hard as steel, a man just as hard tends a garden of icicles. I know that, beyond his steely person, he kindles a warm heart; he is cold in the garden so as not to melt the ice. I go to see him, and his garden, today…”

Mariah’s Journal, 01

Teffle is such a bother. I really am at my wit's end with him! Nothing I tell him, not with my words nor even my actions, seems to get past his ears and eyes nor any way through his thick skull, and believe me I have done my best to hold back from knocking it … Continue reading Mariah’s Journal, 01

with you

a love poem


This is just a little stream-of-consciousness post right here and now baby yeah.. Haven't posted here in a cosmic blink, excited to let these fingers flow across my chiclet non-backlit keys in a chill-rad-good-vibes cafe close to where I've been parking my car these days. I'm sleeping in it. My car, not the cafe. Traveling, … Continue reading HMMmmmmMMMmmMmMmm…

Li’l Buddha Head

This li'l Buddha has something special inside... The colorful background is a poncho I got at a recent psytrance festival. I also got the Buddha head at that same festival. What an amazing experience it was!

I went walking along the beach today

I went walking along the beach today. A shell. I was looking for a shell. I found something else. Much more. Fog. Sponge. Feather. And a blue lighter. Memories in mist.   As I walked, my way was shrouded. A constant dancing bellow of vapors pouring out onto the sand from the sea. It was … Continue reading I went walking along the beach today

Song: Story in the Flame

https://soundcloud.com/drthemusical/story-in-the-flame A new song...!